Christians at Work

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Christians In the Workplace

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We do not share cookies data with advertisers. Whether owned by Google or funded by billionaires like Larry Ellison and Peter Thiel, numerous startups are attempting to stop aging and to prolong life, indefinitely if possible. From freeing information to connecting communities, the tech world is convinced not just of the righteousness of its work, but that its work can improve, or even perfect, the world.

YouVersion Study Plans - helping Christians at Work

Traditional religion in the Bay Area is being replaced with another sort of faith, a belief in the power of technology and science to save humanity. Farther out on the fringes is the belief in the technological singularity, the idea that artificial intelligence will evolve to a point where it surpasses human intelligence, resulting in a fundamental transformation of civilization. In some versions of the theory, people will merge with machines. Humans will become both obsolete and eternal.

Christians at Work

Yet they also feel wary, with a sense that their beliefs cast them as outsiders, and that one false move could invite derision or worse. I want to be a Christian without being a stereotypical Christian.

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The contrast with her own religious experience pains her. Congregants of the Palo Alto church share the burden of being evangelicals in a country that associates that strain of Christianity with fundamentalism and conservatism.

Joyfully making, motivating and maturing Christians in the workplace

Being lumped together with anti-science denominations is particularly rankling, he says. The official doctrine of the Michigan-based Christian Reformed Church is that homosexual acts are a sin although homosexuality itself is not , a position with which some in the Palo Alto congregation disagree.

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  4. Landon Sterk, a lanky year-old, began working as a software engineer at Yelp late last year, his first job after college. When a colleague announced he was taking time off because his father had health problems, Sterk struggled with how to respond in a reply-all email. He was chagrined when he saw his non-Christian colleagues were the ones to offer prayers in the group email.

    But his own trepidation gives him pause.

    More than of the devout and the merely curious packed into the hotel ballroom to hear the good news, and at least another were turned away. The assembled flock ran the gamut, from professional Christians to the tech industry worker bees who make the region hum. The headliner was Promod Haque , a venture capitalist and senior managing partner of Norwest Venture Partners.

    Haque has a long track record of success as an investor—companies he helped nurture have been bought by Google, IBM, and Cisco.

    How Christians Should Deal with Difficulties in the Workplace

    He spoke from the stage with the unhurried manner of someone used to deference. To tell the story of his own religious awakening as a boy in New Delhi half a century ago, Haque used language he knew his audience would understand. After being told Jesus loved him, he began reading the Bible to make sure. The prayer breakfast, now in its 24th year, was organized and hosted by Skip Vaccarello, a former business executive who ran a handful of small software companies. Soft spoken and gracious, Vaccarello has silver hair and the tan of a man who knows how to enjoy retirement.

    He grew up as a Catholic in Boston but drifted away as a young man. This is one of the least churched areas in the country. The sanctuary looks like a black-box theater, with rows of folding chairs in a semicircle before a low, wide stage. The production values are impressive: Lighting gels bathe the musicians in blues and reds, and three massive video screens above the stage scroll the lyrics over vivid images, like drops of crimson blood swirling through water, and a red-tinged sunset over a mountain forest.

    Christians at Work - The Missing Link in Fulfilling the Great Commission

    Menlo has seven branches, from San Francisco to San Jose, and claims a weekly attendance of 6, congregants. Along with its coffee-friendly service, the church offers a slick website, a dizzying array of groups and classes for every demographic, and even a podcast. As the band performs, the congregation of 60 or 70 sways, coffee cups in hands, wearing hoodies and puffy Patagonia jackets.

    Before introducing senior pastor John Ortberg, an assistant pastor plugs the upcoming Good Friday service later that week—there will be a string quartet and a candle-lit, contemplative atmosphere—and reminds us that when it comes time to make an offering, parishioners can give online and text their pledge.