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Comments and reviews There is no comment nor review for this game at the moment. Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. Send comment. Just one click to download at full speed! DOS Version. Download v1. Similar games Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games:. Follow Us! Top downloads. List of top downloads. Latest releases. Redcaps are savage sprites who wear blood-red hats and bully all those weaker than themselves.

Phoukas are wicked pookas who often appear as shaggy, black dogs with blazing eyes, or dangerous black horses that gallop down village lanes in the dead of night, smashing gates, trampling crops, and terrifying livestock. Tainted faeries vaguely resemble their purehearted cousins, but with a wild, feral look. Some also sport horns, forked tongues, fangs, claws, glowing red or yellow eyes, gray- or green-tinged skin, or other goblin traits. Dark faeries—even goblins—are not wholly lost to evil. A dark faery may, through great sacrifice and strength of character, shed the taint of Dark Essence to restore her true self as a pixie, brownie, sprite, or pooka.

Goblins Mean, selfish, and ugly, goblins are the most common dark faeries in Brightwood. Goblins are fallen faeries, consumed by darkness. A goblin is a squat, hideous creature with leathery, wrinkled skin covered by warts. Beady, red eyes glare over an upturned nose like that of a pig.

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Its forked tongue darts between the tiny, sharp fangs filling its snout-like mouth. A goblin has a long tail ending in a spadelike tip. Goblin skin colors include unhealthy shades of green, blue, red, purple, and gray. Goblins speak in rough, gravelly voices. Their misshapen bodies are very twisty and bendy. Goblins can squeeze through any hole or crack, no matter how small, which helps them in their thieving, and contort themselves in other useful ways. Even worse, goblins cast black magic—a corrupt, dangerous form of faery magic, born — 17 — — Once Upon a Time — of decay, fear, and darkness, that brings ruin on everything it touches and all who use it.


Goblins try to frighten or torment anyone whose path they cross. When goblins come to visit, they stomp through the garden, punch holes in the roof, squish the fruit, gobble up the chickens, and sour the milk. When not causing trouble for others, goblins enjoy fighting among themselves, admiring their ill-gotten treasures, gambling, and eating like pigs. Like other faeries, goblins are friendly with animals, but these dark faeries associate with pests such as wasps, centipedes, locusts, moths, toads, horseflies, worms, spiders, and scorpions.

These vermin serve as steeds and allies of the goblins. Goblins take new names, often naming themselves for particularly unsightly physical features, or ugly, disgusting things.

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The sidhe are shapechangers who can alter their size and appearance to pass as humans through illusion magic. Some sidhe live in great underground palaces in hollow hills, while others are nobles who are part of the Fey Court. Mermaids are faeries who dwell in the sea, while sylphs are winged faeries who live above the clouds.

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Gnomes are nature faeries who protect and care for forest lands. Dwarves live in caverns deep under the ground, where they craft all sorts of wonderful things from the ores and precious metals of the earth. Other faeries dwell in distant lands. For example, leprechauns are solitary, gold-loving faeries found scattered outside of settled areas, while djinn are faery-like beings from desert lands. As with pixies, brownies, sprites, and pookas, each faery type has a malign counterpart among the dark faeries.

Sirens, for example, are wicked mermaids who use their beautiful songs to entrap sailors or lure ships to their doom. The Faery Queen The lovely Faery Queen, known by many names but called Leanan by the fey folk, rules the good faeries, who all love and obey her. The Faery Queen spends most of her time in the Faery Realm, a wonderful and mysterious place where time has no meaning, but Leanan can come to the mortal world when she chooses, often appearing as a being of pure and beautiful light accompanied by flittering pixies. She is a kind and benevolent queen who helps her faery subjects whenever she can.

Even so, Leanan wisely knows it is sometimes best for faeries to do or learn things for themselves, so her direct aid is not always guaranteed. Also, Leanan may demand a price of those who seek her help to escape their own foolishness, such as accomplishing a daring quest or giving up something of value. The Faery Queen uses wish magic, the most powerful magic of all. She can cast her own wishes or fulfill the wishes of others. Wish magic can do anything that can be imagined. Carry a cross, particularly one made of iron.


Speak prayers or chant hymns. Carry or sprinkle holy water, churchyard mould, salt, or bread. Turn some item of clothing inside-out. Carry four-leaf clovers, rowan berries, St. Cross over a stream or other form of running water. Carry a staff made of rowan or ash wood. Ring a bell, particularly a church bell.

Faery Lore: Secret Names Some faeries keep their true names secret to help shield against some forms of magic. Many of these same faeries seem to have the strange urge to proclaim their true names aloud when they think no one is around. The Fey Court Nobles of the various faery types make up the Fey Court, which attends the Faery Queen in her wondrous realm outside time and space. The Court is a place of endless feasting, dancing, and singing.

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Banquet tables offer every delicacy imaginable, while songs of haunting, unearthly beauty and dances of amazing grace are performed. Nobles of the Fey Court are also intriguers of the first order, continually trading gossip, sizing up newcomers, and plotting to outdo one another. Faeries from many lands visit the Fey Court, and even some humans have been its guests, although they often return home after a few days of revelry to discover that years have gone by in their absence, or no time at all, no matter how long they lingered.

Other Inhabitants of Brightwood Faeries are not alone in the enchanted forest of Brightwood.

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Humans Humans live in the towns, villages, and farms around Brightwood. There are nobles in castles, farmers tilling the soil, craftsmen in shops, and many others. Some are kind and good, while others are greedy, cruel, or meanspirited. A few humans, such as sorcerers or witches, are able to cast magical spells or brew powerful potions, for good or ill.

Natural Animals Any animal found in a normal woodland forest can be found in Brightwood. If they choose, faeries can use pixie dust to temporarily shrink their friends to fey size to join their adventures. But faeries are immortal and never-changing. Not so, little girls and boys.


In time, young friends of the fey grow up, leaving behind romping with faeries for romance, families, and adult responsibilities. Lonely and forgotten, the faeries wistfully watch from afar as their friends go on with their grown-up lives. Scale Faeries are very tiny, small enough to ride bumblebees and butterflies—even a human child must seem positively enormous by comparison.

So how can such miniature beings interact with humans at all, let alone giants or dragons? In whatever fashion suits the story best, of course, just like your favorite faery tales. Faery Animals The realm of the fey contains faery versions of many creatures, such as cats and puppies, as well as fantastic creatures like dragons. Faery animals are much like the natural versions, except faery-sized and possessing at least one magical gift—such as a winged puppy or invisible cat.

Hags Malign beings called hags are the bane of Brightwood. Unlike human witches, who may be either kindly or wicked, all hags are evil-natured. In fact, while they resemble horrifically ugly women, hags are not human at all but are enchanted beings. Hags often have warts or moles on their wrinkled faces and a faint bluish or greenish complexion. They favor black clothing. Hags usually live in caves, huts, or cottages hidden deep in the forest, where they brew potions and work wicked magic. Hags normally lead solitary lives, but a few are sisters and dwell together.