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Eyewitness Travel Guides by Alice L. Harrison Firepower. Newton Armour from the Battle of Wisby A floppy disk standard for log data by Struyk C. Doty A scientific autobiography : S. B H— We never measured either in his stocking feet, but they are somewhere between 5ft 8 in and 5ft Sin. Smith, Manchester— We do not insert accounts of fights between persons who do not give their names. Williams— His name would have to be given before he fought. G Y— No. F H O— We do not know of any place where the artificial ice is now exhibited.

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We will en- deavour to obtain answers to you1- questions next week. Iota Beta— It is neither. Clayton— Certainly. Pilot— We have no record. T C— War.

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Fisherman— Yes. S A— Have you anv brains? Shepherd— 1: Two. H G A— 1: We shouid say about 5ft Tin. R G— We do not answer legal ques- tions.

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Medicus Between individual members of either University. BflFs Hifr in Hontion. They desire the reality of a constitutional government; the King, by force and fraud, or both together, refuses it to them. He is too obstinately self- willed to" take warning from our Charles I. We shall perhaps see a Prus- sian " Mr Smith" landing here, with his cloak and valise, to seek in a really free country that safety which he obstinately refused to enjoy in a country ' which he would not allow to be free. The result is the appointment of a committee. In other words, the just complaints of the navy are for a time shelved.

And they will be so for all time if the press does not assist a gallant service to obtain justice from a reluctant administration.

We are of the people— not of the navy— and, consequently, have no professional pride to gratify, nor any personal interest to serve by insisting on a due attention to the just claims of the navy. We are of the people, and so far as attention to those claims might create an increase of the public burdens, we have an interest in opposing them. But, being of the people, we desire justice. John Bull, in his most economic fits, never desired that honest work should be underpaid, or that men should not be properly recompensed for doing their duty ; what he does object to is that high pay should be given where there is no duty, or no useful duty, to perform.

A proper House of Commons would look to these things, and see that, while useless expenditure was diminished or destroyed, pro- per pas'ment and proper advancement, where honest ser- vices were honestly rendered, should be carefully preserved. The opposition to the very proper object which Sir J.

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Hay had in view was led by Lord Palmerston in a string of red tape common- places that almost suggested his recent birth from a mass of that not ornamental article. As Minerva sprang, armed at all points, from the head of Jupiter, so the Palmerston of that discussion sprang, stringy in all directions, from the red tape boxes at the Stationery Office. First, it was little less than mutiny for a body of naval officers to meet together and draw up such a memoran- dum as they had drawn up.

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  5. As if it was not the right of any and every body of men, as it is of every man, woman, and child in the kingdom, to submit to the cognizance of Parliament the state- ment of any real, aye, and of any supposed wrong. And this right, which belongs to every individual, belongs also to any number of individuals.

    The Ministerial absurdity was founded on the presumption, totally false in fact, that the officers had met as a body of armed men to dictate to the country. Nothing could be more nonsensical than such a pretence. No armed body can meet in this country to dictate to the Government— it would be crushed at once.

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    We do not, like despotic Governments, ask what is the opinion of the army or of the navy. As a body, nei- ther the army nor the navy has any opinion on an affair of State. Both must obey the proper constitutional authorities.