Husserls Criticism of Reason: With Ethnomethodological Specifications

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Check out my portrait at University College of Southeast Norway. For a list of academic publications and presentations check out the Cristin database or Google Scholar. In I was promoted to full professor.

Husserl's Criticism of Reason: With Ethnomethodological Specifications

I am mostly involved in teaching master-level classes, with a focus on methods and history and philosophy of science. I also do some teaching on method mostly video-based methods at my former employer, NTNU. Murphy all at PhD level. Both are have a permanent position at USN. Teaching Norwegian students for the first time was a challenging and very rewarding experience.

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Much of the teaching at USN is done in real-time online classes - quite different teaching setting for me, but my love for dabbling in technology did help a lot, so that I could focus on producing intelligible sentences for students distributed all over the country — and beyond, out into Africa, North America and Australia. Other than teaching, my academic life is dominated by the usual article publications with addition of the effort spent on my next book with the working title: From meaning to sense — Social science in motion. My job was to do a pre-study that generates an overview of how German police and urban development institutions use crime-related geodata.

More specifically we looked at how they use GIS to visualize this data, and how these actors link different kinds of data with each other to produce meaningful graphs, live maps, and so forth.

Harold Garfinkel

In this study I used a standardized survey for the first time — we then integrated the quantitative data with expert interviews and qualitative approaches. In and I participated in the Norwegian research project Routes, Roads and Landscapes : Aesthetic Practices en route, - For this project I performed research on rest stops along the Norwegian Tourist Route — an exceptionally interesting and rewarding setting.

The pecha kucha style video below provides an overview of my contribution to the Routes project:.

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My study for the Routes project had the title Impressive landscapes : Entanglements of nature and culture. For this project, I explored new video-related methods people at the site film specific aspects of the site while they talk about it.

Husserl's Phenomenological Epistemology (PHP)

My goal was to get some insight into how nature and architecture and the relation between these two is perceived by people at the site, and thus how it enters into their local practices. I already gave a few presentations on this: you can find a recording of the presentation that I gave at the annual conference of the RGS-IGB : Route interruptus. A Study of Fatigue, Erosion and other material agencies.

  • Husserl\\\'s Criticism Of Reason: With Ethnomethodological Specifications.
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A chapter with the title Stop, rest and digest: Feeding people into nature has been published by Ashgate in the volume Routes, roads and landscapes. His specialties are ethnomethodology, intercultural communication, race relations, and social phenomenology. He is presently researching the practices that involve the production of objectivity in professional coffee tasting, and undertaking a long-term comparative study of negative dialectics in Tibetan Buddhist and postmodern epistemological thinking.

Paper edition Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass. Faculty Resources Getting Started for Instructors. When Harold Garfinkel introduced ethnomethodology as an area of research, he envisioned it as a radical project p.

Ethnomethodology focuses on performances in the real world, or, in its own terms, on naturally occurring, ordinary activities. This undertaking is not particularly novel; ordinary life has been examined and interpreted by many writers before Garfinkel.

Husserl\\\'s Criticism Of Reason: With Ethnomethodological Specifications

Ethnomethodology is unique, however, because it studies sense or meaning only Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Article First Online: 28 May This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Heidegger, M.