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He starts with educating the audience. Gillmor correctly aims more broadly; including blogs, targeted emails, user-generated content, the entire rabble of the web today. His goal is to help us become active users of mediated information. His principles? Be skeptical. Exercise judgment. Open your mind.

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Keep asking questions. Learn media techniques.

In essence, the media consumer needs to think like a journalist, curate his or her own feed and create meaning from examination of layers of linked sources. Gillmor then offers specific tools to navigate the Internet, from basic search and RSS to specific ways to evaluate the credibility of web-based information. Gillmor then turns to media creation.

Mediactive: A User's Guide to Democratized Media

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Technology and media consumption is evolving, so we constantly research audiences and media habits to make sure we get what you need. Some research databases are more useful than others. Those with substantial sample sizes and more relevant information tend to get our attention.


We subscribe to these types of databases simply because they deliver the best resources. In addition to media expertise, we ensure your projects are taken care of in the most efficient and seamless manner, which is why our team is trained in Project and Account Management. In addition to taking direction from the client or creative agency account team, Mediactive is capable of managing your entire project from conception through to campaign completion. Whether you require strategic planning, budgeting, estimating or project management, we will guide your campaign to a successful conclusion.

The Mediactive team consists of a number of talented media planning and buying professionals with many years of experience in the industry. Each member of our staff has a passion for media, a penchant for learning about new media evolution and a beautifully creative mind. The goal is an efficient, effective and frustration-free client experience. Kevin Menshik Director kevin.


Gillmor tackles this changing "eco-system" and provides some common-sense principles, sound advice and useful tool recommendations. Even though it may be obvious to you that you cannot believe everything you find on the net or catch on the news, in my opinion, this book will almost certainly provide you with some worthwhile tips that will make you a better media consumer and creator. Dec 27, John rated it liked it Shelves: , information-literacy , media. As one of those who spend their lives immersed in the study and tools of media literacy, I found the book a little too simplistic, but it would serve as a good introduction on how to create and consume media for the citizen journalist or the student just starting out.

There's some good material and several resources. Great and somewhat chilling read on the current state of all things digital media. Gillmor discusses the need for all to be involved in what is going on with Copyright, social networking, net neutrality, and more. Feb 24, Barry Eisler rated it it was amazing. A great book about what establishment journalism should, and what citizen journalism really is.

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Excellent for journalists, people who think they're journalists, people who want to be journalists, and for all consumers of news. Mar 17, Brian rated it really liked it.

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I look at this as kind of a survival guide for life in the world of new media. Dan is a scholar at the Walter Cronkite School - where I work - and is highly respected as a top expert on the future of journalism.

Mediactive: the Next Generation

Sep 29, Mike rated it liked it. I had to read this book for a class and didn't entirely dislike it. It was definitely bearable and very informative. While the author can be extreme at times, his views have definitely impacted the way I will view media and journalism in the future.

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Jul 20, Dirk rated it really liked it. Interesting book with useful information and web links to follow. Very practical with regards to the use of all kinds of online tools, social networking sites etc.

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Bagus, kita bisa tau seluk beluk media. Great Book. I didn't learn anything new, but I do like Dan quite a bit. His review of the current FCC Journalism report is great. Feb 05, Measie rated it it was amazing. Great book! Tyler McLeod rated it liked it Jun 23, Zac Matthews rated it it was amazing May 04, Erkan Saka rated it really liked it Feb 08, Dhaval rated it it was ok Mar 13, Mary rated it it was ok Jun 13, Brian rated it really liked it Jun 08, Michael Cullinane rated it really liked it Sep 04, Tommy Buteau rated it liked it Aug 06, Eric Lyons rated it really liked it May 07, Jamie rated it really liked it Sep 04,