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The best disaster mitigation is still a good warning system and a ban on building homes in risky areas. We must review current and proposed systems in order to determine potential risks and mitigation strategies.

Design work on mitigation measures to slow the river's flow should already be under way. Evidence may be offered in mitigation of the punishment. She has behaved appallingly and no amount of mitigation unhappy life , underachiever changes that. Preventing and impeding. LAW in order to try to make a crime seem less serious :. The defence lawyer also said in mitigation that her client didn't personally profit from the collapse of the finance company.

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Examples of mitigation. Only in the case of carbon monoxide does this conclusion not seem to hold, possibly because mitigation measures are much more limited. From Cambridge English Corpus.

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Costs and benefits are crucial in motivating mitigation efforts. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. The problem is extremely complex and its mitigation will require extensive preventative measures such as sewage processing plants and natural pesticide use, among others.

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We now calculate the marginal cost of mitigation by calculating the cost per ton of the additional carbon removed. However, the marginal cost of reducing additional carbon through these mitigation activities is surprisingly high. Leather exports are expected to decline so one can expect a 7 per cent lower pollution load generated by leather tanning without mitigation measures.

Then, the permit share of developing countries with low emissions would be determined such that their revenues from selling permits equals their mitigation cost. The effect of creating a mitigation directorate was to move the agency away from national security functions toward natural hazards.

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Since the technology used and recommended is indigenous, there is no capital cost related foreign exchange liability from the mitigation. Although both mitigation and adaptation remain serious topics for debate, this paper suggests equity should be added to the climate negotiation agenda as well.

In our data, some of the most obvious ways in which these goals were achieved were strategies of mitigation. Given government fiscal constraints, it is important to demonstrate that the mitigation costs for the industrialist are modest. These mitigation costs are much lower than for cloth production, since clean production technology is locally available. It would have been useful to also assess the total production-related pollution and mitigation cost.

Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change

However, we do not find support for the proposition that the costs of mitigation are very high. See all examples of mitigation. What is the pronunciation of mitigation? Browse mither. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. The FDMSD provides a range of mitigation strategies for individuals to consider implementing at points, steps or procedures to minimize the vulnerability to an intentional attack. It is the responsibility of the owner, operator or agent in charge to choose the strategy or combination of strategies that are most effective and appropriate for their facility.

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Some strategies listed within the database are meant to be implemented in conjunction with other strategies or in tandem with other food defense policies and procedures. Choosing and following strategies within this database does not constitute compliance with any FDA laws, regulations, or guidance. For information about food defense measures or policies that are recommended for an effective food defense environment please see the category titled General Information. However, FDA is not responsible for errors, omissions or deficiencies regarding the tool and the accompanying documentation.

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