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Symptoms and Treatment of Nyctophobia (Fear of the Dark)

If the mere thought of turning out the lights causes you to freak out, here are some videos to help calm your nyctophobia the hell down. Your parents may not be around to read you a bedtime story, but the terrified inner child that lives inside of adult nyctophobes may still find some relief in this ASMR video of a woman speaking in a calming whispered tone to help soothe kids who are afraid of the dark.

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Honestly, we started to relax only a few minutes into it. This video is narrated by a reformed nyctophobe who describes how she ultimately conquered her fear, including practical tips that will encourage you to reframe the way you view darkness. This hour-long blend of instrumental music and nature sounds is intended to treat all fears and phobias, but hopefully listening to birds singing and pleasant melodies will help those who fear the dark to redirect their focus away from their anxieties.

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Image zoom. By Kenya Foy. The fear of darkness nyctophobia is a psychologically-impacted feeling of being disposed from comfort to a fear-evoking state.

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The fear of darkness or night has several non-clinical terminologies--lygophobia, scotophobia and achluophobia. Nyctophobia is a phobia generally related to children but, according to J.

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  • Sufferers have an abnormal and persistent dread of the dark and experience anxiety even though they may rationally understand that the dark does not pose such a great threat. Treatment options are typical for any of specific phobias.

    Nyctophobia | Definition of Nyctophobia by Lexico

    Psychotherapy is one way to treat nyctophobia. Other methods of treating nyctophobia, and other phobias, include desensitization and exposure to the panic-stimulant. A panic-stimulant is anything that reminds a person of what they have a fear of and causes them to then exhibit the phobic response s that contributes to the emotional, psychological and physiological reactions that later follow during a phobic reaction.

    Desensitization is one approach used to cure many phobic conditions such as nyctophobia.

    Desensitization is a method used to treat people with self injurious behaviors, noise phobia, and injection phobia-- also those with handwriting anxieties, agoraphobia, and driving phobia. In-vivo desensitization is one method of treating nyctophobia. It is usually the next treatment approach therapists and clinicians resort to when imaginal-stimuli does not work on a patient.