The North-East Frontier 1837-1901

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Even the heroid day defence of the isolated outpost of Kohima against overwhelming odds - fewer than British-officered troops against perhaps 6, Nagas - failed to capture the public imagination. Today, after the passage of another century, Britain's numerous campaigns and conquests in Assam and the surrounding hills have faded even further into the mists of obscurity.

The Victorian Age 1837 1901

Biographical Note. He is also currently working on a five-volume project covering the armies of 19th-century Asia. Ian lives and works in Cambridgeshire, UK.

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Michael Perry started producing miniature figures for the wargames industry in the late s while still at school, and for many years he has worked for both Games Workshop and Wargames Foundry. He has a highly distinctive and realistic style, and has illustrated a number of Osprey publications including MAA The Taiping Rebellion and Campaign 54 Shiloh His work will also be familiar to readers of many popular Wargame magazines including Military Modelling.

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Osprey - Men At Arms 324 - The North East Frontier 1837-1901

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Psychology sellers 39, items Shop. A sickly individual of questionable sanity. Hung had become subject to visions which interpreted as demonstrating that he was Jesus Christ's 'Divine Younger Brother', with God's mandate to govern China. This fascinating work by Ian Heath examines the organisation, dress and weapons of forces on bo This time the subject is mainland South East Asia, with the armies of Burma, Vietnam, Siam, Cambodia and the Lao and Shan states, plus minor tribal groups, being covered in considerable depth.

There are details of each army's history, organisation, tactics, dress and arms supported by drawings of warrior type His authoritative text is backed by many fine illustrations and photographs including 12 stunning full c Unifying the feudal rulers under his authority, the conquering Maharaja Ranjit Singh pursued campaigns of expansion for nearly 40 years, creating for the purpose a new regular army on the Western model. His death in found the frontiers of Sikh and British power in confrontation; in the s the inevitable trial of This attitude and the Celestial Empire's traditional distrust of all foreigners, exacerbated by misunderstandings and high-handed behaviour on both sides, guaranteed that relations between the Empire and the W Eventually, in Elizabeth's reign, both sides resorted to the use of force on a large scale in a series of bloody wars and rebellions that were to culminate in the Earl of Tyrone's "Great Rebellion" of This text by Ian Heath looks at the history, organization and tactics of the armies of the Irish Wars As late as the s the country remained technologically and militarily stagnant, but within just 40 years - in what must rank as the most rapid and comprehensive cultural transformation in world history - it had managed not only to ab Even the heroid day defence of the isolated outpost of Kohima against overwhelming odds — fewer than British-officered troops against perhaps 6, Nagas — failed to capture the public imagination.

Today, after the passage of another c History and Heraldry —, Foster, Joseph. Galbreath, Donald L.